We know what you're thinking. Pocket-lint has only just covered a Nokia announcement in New York, the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020, but that's right, the company has yet another announcement coming on Tuesday at 9am (UK time).

"We can’t tell you what it is yet. But we can tell you when. Tune in tomorrow at 9am UK time," Nokia detailed on its Nokia Conversations blog.

The post, which details very little else, features the Nokia logo on a red background which, we're not mistaken, looks very much like the back of the vibrantly coloured Nokia Lumia 620.

Could we be about to see the launch of the Nokia Lumia 625?

Rumours have been circling for some time that Nokia is making a low-end "phablet" device that will feature a 4.7-inch screen and run Windows Phone 8.

At 4.7-inches, the device would be larger than the company's latest flagship phone Lumia 1080 (keep up), but still be smaller than the Sony Xperia Z or any of the "phablet" devices from Sony, Samsung and Huawei.

As Lumia fans will know, the Lumia 620 isn't that amazing on the spec front, and the 625 is expected to be equally lackluster for those who like to wave around numbers. Rumours so far suggest a 1.2Ghz processor, 512MB of RAM and a 2,000mAh battery.

With not long to wait until Tuesday morning, expect Pocket-lint to have all the details at 9am on our Nokia hub page.

UPDATE: A spec sheet from Nokia for the Lumia 625 has been leaked detailing the new phone. It is now widely expected that Nokia will launch the new device at 9am on Tuesday 24 July.