A few days after Nokia's 41-megapixel Windows Phone surfaced in a leaked press shot, a set of photos apparently from the handset have popped up on a Windows Phone executive's Flickr account under the device name Nokia Lumia 1020.

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Joe Belfiore, a Windows Phone manager at Microsoft, posted a bevy of Lumia Windows Phone pictures recently, but two of them appear to have come from a phone called the Nokia Lumia 1020, as first noted by The Verge. According to EXIF and Flickr data, the cropped pictures were posted in both 3.7MP and 5MP sizes and reveal a wide-aperture f/2.2 lens.

photos from nokia lumia 1020 revealed on windows phone executive s flickr account image 3

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Nokia will supposedly unveil a 41-megapixel Windows Phone at an event in New York on 11 July. The company has previously teased what's in store with an invitation that baited "41 million reasons to zoom in." Featuring a 41-megapixel camera, the upcoming handset has circulated under a variety of codenames like EOS, 909 and 1020.

Since media coverage of the Flickr shots began on Monday, Belfiore has marked the Nokia Lumia 1020 images as private.