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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia has sent out press invitations for a 11 July event in New York for what we can only presume is a brand new camera-centric smartphone. The words "Zoom Reinvented" are plastered across the top of the invite, with the promise to "see more from Nokia" down below.

We already know Nokia worked a fair old bit of magic with the idea of zooming and its 808 PureView, so we imagine the same technology is going to be making an appearance here. Chances are it won't be a Symbian phone either.

Nokia's EOS camera phone has been given plenty of leaks, with images of both the handset itself and earlier polycarbonate shells in different colours also appearing. There have so far been no confirmed specifications, so what exactly the huge camera unit on the back of the EOS will be capable of remains to be seen.


We also don't know if the phone will end up being called EOS at all which, given the company's liking of using numbers for smartphones and little else, seems unlikely.

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Whatever happens, Pocket-lint will be in New York for Nokia's next big thing. Expect more on 11 July when the lid is lifted on Nokia's new camera hopes. 

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.
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