Nokia's rumoured flagship camera phone, the EOS, has been given another leak, this time in red. The handset's body has been photographed in what is presumably its production facility, showing off the large hole for the camera unit on the back in even greater detail.

So far the rumoured 41-megapixel smartphone has also made an appearance in both yellow and black. While internal specifications are yet to be confirmed, the handset is supposedly based around Nokia's PureView 808 camera phone, which runs Symbian. This handset is said to be running Windows Phone yet sporting the same sensor.

The handset is also said to feature a quad-core processor, 32GB of storage and a 720p OLED display, all pretty much standard spec for Windows Phone devices, minus the quad-core chip.

It is worth mentioning that things have been fairly leak-tastic in the world of Nokia. The recently released 925 for example was photographed heavily before launch and turned out to be a reality. So the EOS phone could very much become real.

Launch date is rumoured for early July, although nothing has been confirmed yet. Given the handset appears to be in production right now, it shouldn't be a long way off.