A super phone needs a superhero's help. And that's going to be the case following the launch of a Man of Steel Fatboy wireless charging pillow that comes in the shape of the iconic Superman S logo. 

The deal, done between Nokia and Warner Bros to promo the new Superman movie out on 14 June, sees the pair offer a number of cases, accessories and even an app. It's similar to how Nokia teamed up with the studio on the Batman licence, when The Dark Knight Rises was released. 

Nokia will offer a protective case for the 920 and the newer 925 (not pictured). However, we just love the Man of Steel Fatboy the most. 

The Finnish company has also told Pocket-lint that the Lumia 925 will feature in the movie, although in what capacity they aren't sure. 

It follows a recent announcement that Gavio is to unveil Man Of Steel branded versions of the Metallon and Gruuve in-ear headphones ahead of this summer's blockbuster Superman release, directed by Zac Snyder (Watchmen, 300).