It is firmly believed that the Nokia press event scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 14 May, will not be to announce a worldwide release for the Nokia Lumia 928, but for the phone previously known among rumourmongers as the "Catwalk". And on the eve of that event, it has turned up in a press image leak.

Regular purveyor of fine industry tittle-tattle, @evleaks has posted a picture of a device alleged to be the Nokia Lumia 925. Little else is known, although it does look like previous rumours of an aluminium case are on the button.

Also, the screen on the phone in the picture yields some interesting information. Not only is there a large tile for SkyDrive - a given considering the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system - but a camera tile is also prominently placed. And there's wording underneath that we make out to be "Nokia Smart Camera" or something like that.

We've previously heard rumours of some smart camera-like features Nokia could be employing. The Finnish firm was to buy into Pelican Imaging potentially to use some of its technologies in future devices. One of those allows a user to refocus images after taking them, which is similar to the abilities of the Lytro light-field camera or the FocusTwist app for iPhone. The smart camera feature takes several photos in a burst mode at different focal lengths, so the user can tap on an object on screen to focus to that point even after the picture has been taken.

Could the Nokia Smart Camera tile refer to that? Guess we'll find out for sure tomorrow. Interesting times.