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(Pocket-lint) - Those daft punks at Nokia have announced the new Nokia Lumia 925 in the UK, introducing a new metal design and improved camera.

The new Windows Phone 8 handset, which will be available widely in the UK through O2, Vodafone and other carriers, will come with a metal and polycarbonate chassis, feature a 4.5-inch AMOLED screen and an enhanced camera.

Housed in a lighter, thinner body, the new phone will measure 127.5 x 70.5 x 8.5mm and weigh 139g - a huge 46g saving over the original Lumia 920.

The metal exoskeleton peeks to the surface around the edge of the device, although the back of the phone will be a non-removable sheet of polycarbonate.

Other specs include a 1.5GHz processor with 1GB of RAM, the same as the Lumia 920, as well as 16GB of storage - down from 32GB for the Lumia 920.

Nokia has told Pocket-lint it sees the phone as a different offering from the Lumia 920 rather than a replacement.

The camera will feature the same 8.7-megapixel sensor with optical image stabilisation but adds a sixth glass lens to the five plastic lenses previously used by the company to enhance the camera's capabilities.

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In a strange move, the new Lumia 925 features an LED flash rather than the Xenon flash that has just been introduced on the new Verizon-exclusive Lumia 928.

To save space, wireless charging has been dropped from the model, although users keen to charge without cables can add a simple clip-on back to the phone that adds the functionality, and also a spot of colour.

The covers, sold separately, come in white, black, yellow and red, while the phone will come in black, grey or white.

The phone of course comes with global 4G LTE connectivity, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC (near field communication) and Wi-Fi.

Beyond the hardware improvements, Nokia has also introduced a new camera mode called Nokia Smart Camera. It replaces the Smart Shoot app already available on the Lumia 920 and lets users shoot 10 photos in succession before allowing them to manipulate the image with different effects. Modes include Best Shot, Action Shot and Motion Focus.

The Nokia Lumia 925 will be priced around 469 euros (£398) before taxes and subsidies. Country-specific pricing and availability will be announced locally.

Nokia is clearly hoping to "Get Lucky".

Writing by Stuart Miles.