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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia Smart Camera is one of the software features that debuts on the new Nokia Lumia 925, bringing a range of fancy photography features to Nokia's new flagship Windows Phone. 

Some of the features you might recognise, as they are available in the current Smart Shoot feature on Lumia handsets. Nokia Smart Camera is effectively the next generation of Smart Shoot, enhancing and expanding on the offering. 

Nokia Smart Camera has been developed to give you an integrated camera experience that's creative, rather than one that sees you jumping from one lens to another to get the effects you're looking for. Technically, it's still a lens available via the lenses menu on the Nokia Lumia 925 that we saw, but you can set it to be the default camera if you choose.

Nokia Smart Camera works by quickly snapping off a burst of 10 photos. A Nokia insider told us that it captures these at 5-megapixels in around 2.5 seconds, so although they're high resolution, they're not full resolution. 

Once you've captured the scene in front of you Nokia Smart Camera will then let you apply a range of functions to bring that action to life. This isn't about giving you the highest quality result from the PureView camera on the Lumia 925, it's about presenting that moment perfectly.

nokia smart camera lets you get creative with your lumia and here are the pictures to prove it image 2

As with previous options, you can pick the best shot from your burst, with the phone suggesting the sharpest photo for you. However, you also get the option to create action composites, by simply selecting the photos in the sequence that you want included. You can then fade some moments for added emphasis.

Nokia Smart Camera will let you add motion blur to backgrounds so your subject looks like it's moving, rather than being frozen in space and time. You'll also be able to correct faces and remove unwanted elements from the background in your photos.

The best part is that although Nokia Smart Camera is being introduced on the Lumia 925, the features will be rolling out to other Lumia handsets in an update, called Amber, starting in Q3 2013.

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Writing by Chris Hall.