Nokia has unveiled a new video of its Lumia 928 showing the camera's image stabilisation technology in action.

Attaching the phone to a remote-control helicopter, the Lumia 928 turns out fairly wobble-free image- despite being flown about. We can't be absolutely sure if some sort of glide-cam rig was used to help smooth the pictures out or if the best remote control helicopter pilot in the world was involved, but it's certainly impressive what the 928 manages.

Even compared to something like a GoPro, the image stabilisation smooths out the majority of panning shots. Colours appear saturated and the images are impressively sharp.

As well as the video, the new page on Nokia's website shows a decent picture of the Lumia 928. The 4G logo on the back of the handset is obvious, as is the 8.7-megapixel Carl Zeiss and PureView logo on the back of the camera. The big LED flash is also visible and the whole handset appears a lot thinner than the Nokia Lumia 920.

As well as the image stabilisation video, Nokia has footage of the audio recording capabilities of the Lumia 928 in action, next to the previously released low-light comparison video which puts the 928 up against the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.

Vodafone just recently confirmed stock of the Lumia 928. Nokia has handed out invites to a London-based unveil event for the phone, which takes place on 14 May. Pocket-lint will be there to bring you the new Lumia news the moment it breaks.