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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia is going to be launching a new Lumia handset on 14 May and Vodafone has confirmed that it will be stocking the yet-to-be-announced Windows Phone.

Nokia's strategy in the approach to the launch of the Lumia 925 and 928 has been one of the strangest yet. We've seen other companies tease a tiny aspect of the design, perhaps a corner of the handset, or a glimpse at the user interface, but nothing like Nokia's latest efforts.

Nokia has a holding page on its US website for the Lumia 928 and over the past few days has been running various teasers through it.

First was a "capture the highlights" image, then a video capture comparison against the Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5, and now an audio capture sample, again pitched against the Samsung.

Now Vodafone has stepped forward to confirm that it will be stocking the new Nokia Lumia handset. The network says its lips are "firmly sealed" on the specifics, but with Nokia practically handing out the details in advance, there's little left to learn.

We know it will be the next generation of Window Phone devices from Nokia and we know it will be landing with PureView camera, with Carl Zeiss lens and both an LED and Xenon flash, if the Lumia 928 images are anything to go by.

There is one exact detail that still evades us, however, as both the Lumia 925 and Lumia 928 model numbers have been bandied around.

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A recent billboard advert in the US named the Lumia 928 alongside the Verizon branding, as well as leaked device images, showing the handset for Verizon.

That could mean the Nokia Lumia 925, expected to be slimmer with an aluminium body, is the device we'll be getting in the UK and elsewhere.

It wouldn't be the first time Nokia has tweaked numbers slightly for different versions: currently Verizon offers the Lumia 822 rather than the Lumia 820.

All will be revealed on 14 May, but it seems that Vodafone already wants to sell you one.

Writing by Chris Hall.