It might not be fully revealed until Nokia's "See What's Next" press event on 14 May, but little will be left unknown about the Verizon US exclusive Lumia 928. Nokia is doing a good job of spilling the beans itself.

The device has been revealed in an official shot on a teaser advert on Nokia's US website. While the Nokia Lumia 928 is not actually named on the online version of the advert, the URL of its location ends in "lumia928". Doesn't take Columbo to spot that clue.

nokia lumia 928 teaser lets the cat out of the bag as vanity fair advert reveals even more image 2

In addition, a print advert in Vanity Fair this month has revealed several key features. The copy contains some very strong hints that the new Windows Phone 8 handset will include a PureView camera, Carl Zeiss lens and Nokia's proprietary optical image stabilisation.

Any more of this and there'll be nothing to announce next week. Well, apart from the "Catwalk", an aluminium-bodied Nokia Lumia 925, perhaps...