In the UK, we usually get James Corden or Holly Willoughby harping on about what they use their Windows Phones for. Or artful shots broken up in tile format. In the US, they get the best blooming mobile phone advert ever. How's that fair?

Everybody in the Pocket-lint office today has absolutely fallen about laughing after watching the Don't Fight Nokia Windows Phone advert. Admittedly, there's not much about the actual Lumia handsets in the video, but it pokes fun at Samsung and Apple fanboys and gals in a fervour never before seen.

We thoroughly recommend you check it out. It's a doozy.

Nokia will be holding an event to unveil a new device in a couple of weeks - on 14 May. Pocket-lint will be in attendance so check back with us for all the latest Lumia news and hands-on action as it happens.