Nokia has planned a 14 May launch event for its next set of Windows Phone-powered handsets. Invitations have been sent out detailing the event with the words "The Nokia Lumia story continues" written across the top. 

Less of a hint, more a confirmation that it will be for a new Lumia Windows Phone device. Typically Nokia hosts these sorts of events only for flagship product launches, so it could very well be a top of the line Lumia device unveiled.

Current rumours point to a new aluminium-clad Lumia handset, which should be thinner and lighter than its polycarbonate brother. One of the main issues most people had with the Lumia 920, Nokia's current flagship phone, was its size, so we imagine the Finnish manufacturer will be working hard to address problems. 

Interestingly, the announcement comes right around the same time as those of BlackBerry Live and Google I/O, meaning both a busy day at Pocket-lint and what we presume will be plenty of smartphone news from Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry.