Nokia has launched a teaser on its blog for a handset announcement on Wednesday, 24 April at 7am GMT. In its cryptic, teasing ways, Nokia accompanied an image, perhaps giving us an early indication of what's to come. Not only does the teaser show a rounded design that Nokia is known to include on its feature phones, but the Z and Shift keys are present that may indicate a Qwerty-keyboard-packed handset hitting users in the near future. 

Nokia is saving the specifics for Wednesday, but past leaks tell us it could be the Asha 205. It was originally boasted at emerging markets last autumn, but may be on its way to Europe and the Middle East this year. Of course, the folks at Nokia may have cooked up something entirely different.

It's worth noting, this won't be a Lumia handset as many of you may have hoped. Rather, Nokia's Mobile Phones team will be making the announcement. You bet Pocket-lint will bring you the latest on 22 April.