Mobile phone leak specialist @evleaks is at it again. Having previously released pictures of the black Nokia Lumia 928 heading for Verizon in the US, he's followed up with a pic of the rear of the white variant. And smart it looks too.

As we've mentioned previously, the Nokia Lumia 928 has been rumoured to be hitting Verizon for some time now. It will increase the US network's Windows Phone presence and give Nokia fans in America an alternative.

However, we still haven't heard whether there will be any specification changes to the Lumia 920 currently available on AT&T in the country.

As with the black shots, the latest leak shows that the 928 will feature a PureView camera with a flash, and that it will be 4G-compatible. Other than that, we're waiting for final confirmation ourselves. It is expected to be announced officially this spring, which is anytime from now really.

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