Nokia has teamed up with Burton to launch a one-stop shop snowboarding app for extreme sports fans. The new Windows Phone 8 exclusive allows you to browse maps of the local area and even see weather reports for the slopes.

It also incorporates a sequence-maker that lets you draw still photos from video, just like the HTC One. Resort information is also included in the application, should you be stuck for something to do while not on the slopes.

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The app can create playlists for you to snowboard to from music on your Lumia phone, although we can't quite understand why your just wouldn't use the normal music player for this.

In reality, its the sequencer that is the coolest feature in the app, along with a friend finder functionality that is said to be coming soon. The latter uses augmented reality to show the location of your friends. You first need connect handsets via NFC and then the app will show locations.

For us, the application appears to be bringing a lot of what the Lumia 920 can already do under one single app. Still, handy if you want to change things in a hurry while tearing down a snow-covered mountain.