Nokia Music has been around for a while now, and Nokia Lumia owners regularly enjoy the benefit of free music streaming through the exclusive Mix Radio service. But now there's Nokia Music+, a paid subscription offering in the UK that adds new features.

For £3.99 a month, Nokia Music+ offers the ability to save playlists in order to download tracks for offline listening, such as when you're on the Tube or if you don't want to cane your data plan. At present you can download only up to four mixes on the free version, and this is lifted completely. It also adds an infinite amount of song skips.

Downloadable tracks on the paid version of the service are also higher quality - six times higher, Nokia says. And you can set rules to download tracks only when in a Wi-Fi zone.

Lyrics are offered for each song to scroll on your screen, and with a Nokia Music+ subscription you can also use a web-app to play songs on a PC or Mac, or Smart TV - outside of the confines of a smartphone.

"Nokia Music is great for discovering new music, and we’ve found that there’s a core of users that want even more of it," said Jyrki Rosenberg, VP entertainment at Nokia. 

"This is how Nokia Music+ came about. By introducing features like infinite skips and unlimited downloads, we’re opening the doors for unlimited music discovery at only £3.99 a month.

"This is for people who care enough about music to pay something for more quality and choice, but don’t want to pay £9.99 monthly."