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(Pocket-lint) - The folks at MakerBot have created the first Nokia Lumia 820 shell using a 3D printer.

Nokia released the DIY files earlier this week for people who not only want to add a little extra dose of plastic to their smartphone, but also to get their 3D plastic-wrangling machines out for a little weekend project.

MakerBot, whicdevelops one of the more well-known 3D printers in the space, took the time to design a pretty rad removable shell, as you can see in the photographs above and below. From the look of it, the shell fits the phone nicely - most likely thanks to Nokia's on-the-spot specs.

makerbot prints lumia 820 case using nokia s 3d printer templates image 2

As well as the 3D files themselves, Nokia also provided guidelines and suggestions on what materials to use in order to maintain integrity (literally and figuratively) and ensure that the working aspect of the phone is not hampered in any way. MakerBot looks to have accomplished that.

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Over the past year, 3D printing has really taken off, as users who can get their hands-on the $2,199 replicator have created some pretty cool projects.

For the rest of the Lumia 820 owners who don't have access to a pricey 3D printer, several retailers have made a wide collection of swappable cases available, including different colour schemes and more rugged shells for greater protection.

Have any of you ever tinkered with a 3D printer?

Writing by Jake Smith.