On Wednesday, it was exactly a year to the day since Nokia first hired Canadian DJ deadmau5 to help launch the first range of Lumia Windows Phone handsets in London. Together, they put on a spectacular light show which thousands attended.

And they teamed up again on the anniversary to launch this year's Lumia range, the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8 smartphones.

This time around, the whole of Flat Iron Square in Southwark, London, was turned into an audio visual extravaganza, with different elements of the surroundings, including the buildings, rigged to become part of the musical show as it was played out.

nokia turns to deadmau5 again for london lumia 920 and 820 launch photos and video  image 11

"Playing Millbank Tower was an incredible experience, so it’s great to be back in London to team up with Nokia again," said deadmau5. "The new show was a totally different concept from last year, but equally inspiring and technically challenging."

Adam Johnson, Nokia's head of consumer marketing UK and Ireland, explained that the 920's new capabilities were the inspiration behind the staging this year.

"We wanted to do something as innovative as our products to celebrate the launch of the new Nokia Lumia range." he said. "The Nokia Lumia 920 has extraordinary low-light capabilities and we wanted to create an event that would showcase this fantastic feature and still show that our products stand out from the current sea of faceless black handsets."