There's no doubt that the PureView camera iteration in a Nokia Lumia 920 does some fancy stuff. Its 8.7-megapixel image sensor combined with low-light technology, image stabilisation and Carl Zeiss lens combine to create some spectacular shots, especially for a smartphone.

Nokia, therefore, wanted to test it out in spectacular conditions, so gave a 920 to crane driver Eugene in order to get him to try out several of the features from his cab soaring over the east London rooftops.

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His view stretches over 35 miles in all directions, so it was an ideal opportunity to capture pictures and HD video of some of the capital's most famous landmarks, and in all manner of lighting conditions to boot.

This short video documentary shows how he got on, including several examples of how the Nokia Lumia 920 PureView camera coped. We're also quite impressed at how he was still able to use the touchscreen under thick construction gloves.

Note that he held the phone in two hands.