The Nokia Lumia 510, a cheaper alternative to the Finnish manufacturer's more flagship Windows Phone devices, has been spotted in a blurry video.

Despite Windows Phone 8 being around the corner, the Nokia Lumia 510 looks set to run Windows Phone 7.8 – the operating system that sports some, if not all, the features that WP8 will bring. 

On the plus side this means the 510 will be cheaper than its Nokia Lumia siblings, with a $150 price tag touted.

In terms of specifications, the Nokia Lumia 510 will allegedly feature a 4-inch WVGA touch display, a single-core 800Mhz Qualcomm processor and 4GB of onboard memory and 256MB of RAM.

The video speculates that the camera will either be a 3.2 or 5-megapixel snapper, with no LED flash or front-facing camera. 

On the plus side the phone itself resembles the Nokia Lumia 710, no ugly duckling itself, with the addition of some physical as opposed to touch keys.

Expected to arrive in China first before spreading to other regions, the Nokia Lumia 510 looks set to offer consumers a more affordable option to Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 devices, including its hero device the Nokia Lumia 920 expected to arrive this November.