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(Pocket-lint) - Speaking at Qualcomm's IQ innovation summit in Berlin, Nokia's Jo Harlow has spoken candidly about the recent fakery of Nokia Lumia 920 camera footage.

Press videos released which showed the optical image stabilisation in the new phone turned out to be fake, leaving Nokia in hot water over the genuine capabilities of its new Lumia 920 phone. The result was a rush to get a genuine comparison video out showing the Lumia 920 against a Samsung Galaxy S III.

The Finnish company has now gone one further, admitting and once again apologising (beyond its original blog apology) for the mistake.

"To my understanding it was absolutely no one's intention to mislead," explained Harlow, Nokia's SVP of smart devices.

"But it was a mistake," she said. "That error in judgement should not distract from the fact that the camera on the Nokia Lumia 920 really does take the best picture of any smartphone.

"The simulated video incident also brought into question the genuine video capabilities of the lumia 920," she added. Journalists were then shown the same video clip from a recent Nokia blog post. 

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The problem is that Nokia still hasn't given journalists direct access to the phone to compare the video capabilities and OIS for themselves, causing many to believe the phone simply isn't ready yet. 

Nokia kept the release date of the Lumia 920 quiet, with a rumoured November launch leaking soon after. Everything Everywhere, or EE as the network has just rebranded itself, has all but confirmed this now, listing the Lumia 920 as one of its first 4G devices.

Do you think Nokia made a mistake faking the 920 video? Let us know in the comments below... 

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.