Nokia has told Pocket-lint that it plans to release a more rugged sports back case for the Nokia Lumia 820 announced on Wednesday for those who want something a bit "tougher".

The company explained to Pocket-lint when we went to check out the covers that the replaceable back covers would come in three different designs.

nokia planning tougher sporty lumia 820 covers image 2

Gloss for covers that didn't include the wireless charging feature, matte for those that did, and then a "soft to touch" sporty cover with rubber on the corners to give it extra protection in case you drop it or let it bash around in your bag.

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Although Nokia didn't have the sporty case to show us, it said it had plans to launch it later this year when the phone is released.

The idea is clearly to allow Lumia 820 owners the chance to customise their phone for different occasions and it won't be too far of a stretch to imagine a time in the future when we could see fashion-focused designs or even tougher designs for the construction industry made by Nokia or case companies like Griffin.

Our Nokia spokesperson wasn't able to confirm whether that would be the case, however, but did point out that many people made cases for the Apple iPhone, but they just made the phone bulky.

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