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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia World is just around the corner and there have been more leaks than the Titanic. Windows Phone 8 is almost certain - simply because if it wasn’t,  that would be the end of things for Nokia.

The Lumia range is due to get an update, which from pics looks to be as colourful as previous WP handsets. So what exactly to expect? Lets take a look at everything rumour related in the world of Nokia and Windows Phone 8.

Nokia 920

The most-leaked handset of all has to be the Nokia 920, which has had both pictures and specifications put out on to the web. Coming in either Postman Pat red or banana yellow, the handset is looks to be the new flagship offering from Nokia.

nokia lumia 920 specs and picture reveals wireless charging image 1

Inside the 920 is a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, the first multi-core processor we will have seen in a Windows Phone handset. On top of that there is 32GB of memory and 1GB of RAM. The real jewel in the 920’s crown however has to be its 4.5-inch HD screen and 8-megapixel camera with PureView tech. PureView proved itself to be mighty impressive in the Symbian-based Nokia 808, so expect similar results from the 920, albeit with the huge 42-megapixel resolution.

Pocket-lintnokia world windows phone 8 and what we re expecting to see image 1

It also looks as if the 920 is going to come with built-in wireless charging. Leaked images of the phone placed on what seems to be a charging pad show that the handset has the technology built into its casing, a bit like the old Palm phones.

Nokia 820

A step down from the 920 is the 820, which while not being leaked in official photos, nor having quite as many specs to play with, still looks to be a nice phone. Assuming the images are actually of the handset, it looks like Nokia has done a great job with it, taking the design philosophy of the Lumia 800 that little bit further.

nokia lumia 820 live photos leaks doesn t match previous renders though image 1

Images show a white handset with a centre-mounted camera on the rear and black volume rocker and power switches on the right-hand side. Buttons appear to be touch sensitive, rather than physical, and the screen is flat rather than curved like that of older-generation Lumias.

nokia lumia 820 live photos leaks doesn t match previous renders though image 4

Rumours point to a smaller 4.3-inch screen on the 820 and no PureView tech, which would make it a step down or mid-range phone from Nokia. They certainly look great and Pocket-lint can’t wait to get its hands on the 820 to have a play.


Nokia has released a steady stream of teaser videos in the build-up to Nokia World. While most don’t give away a huge amount about what we can expect hardware-wise from the new handsets, you can get a glimpse at some of their possible features.

First up is the woman on the bike video, with the header “things are about to change”. Presumably shot using the 8-megapixel camera on the Lumia 920, it shows what Pureview should be capable of.

Next in line is Nokia’s plan for augmented reality. Although being only a few seconds long, the clip shows the woman looking at information and comments from friends being projected on to a shop window.

Nokia already has an augmented reality app called City Lens, perhaps this is due for an update?

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.