Nokia has released a short video teaser just a day before the start of its Nokia World event, suggesting augmented reality could be on the menu.

Though the clip is only 16 seconds long, there’s enough information to suggest a tie-in between augmented reality, location services and social networks. During the video we see a woman walking down a high street before a list of information appears virtually as she walks past a shoe shop.

This information includes the name of the shop, address, a review by Style Magazine, how many of her friends have checked in at the store and how may friends have liked it.

Nokia’s City Lens app already uses augmented reality to help Windows Phone 7 users find places nearby along with reviews and contact details. Could Nokia World see the app become more social, perhaps integrating the likes of Facebook and Foursquare with its Windows Phone 8 devices?

Pocket-lint will be in attendance at Nokia World to bring you all the latest when the event kicks off on 5 September.