We know that Nokia is launching new phones next week. It does not take a genius to work out that these will be Windows Phone 8 devices. How they would look though, was anyone's guess. Well it was, right up until EVLeaks posted photos to Twitter, the same guys who leaked shots of the HTC tablet earlier this week. 

The rumour is that the 920 will feature a 4.5-inch screen, and most interestingly, PureView camera technology which made its debut on the brilliant 808 earlier this year. Meanwhile, the 820 won't have PureView, and will have a smaller 4.3-inch screen.

nokia lumia 920 and 820 windows phone 8 photos leak image 2

Beyond that, not much is known, so let's just take a minute to stare at that photo. Mmmm, delicious isn't it. Nokia has always managed to knock it out of the park with the quality and style of its phones. They're either flawlessly practical or drop-dead gorgeous, and the 920 and 820 appear to be no exception.

Pocket-lint will be reporting on these new handsets from New York next week, so do stop by to have a squint at our proper hands-on photos and first thoughts.