A second design patent from Nokia has been revealed in as many weeks, with speculation mounting that it is that of another Windows Phone 8 handset from the Finnish manufacturer.

A previous patent showed a sketch design for what many believe will be Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device, the Nokia Phi, expected to be revealed at the Nokia World event on 5 September. 

The latest patent, which was filed on 21 August, bears a striking resemblance to the Nokia Lumia 610, with a curved body as opposed to the Nokia Phi’s straight edges and some extra estate underneath the screen and touch keys.

However, judging by the sketches, Nokia has opted for a more rounded camera lens than found on the Nokia Lumia 610, while the earpiece also appears to have been pulled further down the face of the phone 

Nokia is rumoured to be prepping three Windows Phone 8 devices, though only two will be unveiled at Nokia World. Could we be looking at the patent of either the Nokia Arrow or Nokia Atlas, two handsets that should come at a more affordable price than the Nokia Phi?