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(Pocket-lint) - An image of a 4.3-inch Nokia display has emerged complete with Windows logo, suggesting it belongs to a soon-to-be-released Windows Phone 8 smartphone. 

While a display frame is not much to go on, commentators have been speculating about what it might mean with a view to the Nokia World event that starts on 5 September. 

The Finnish manufacturer is expected to reveal its first Windows Phone 8 devices at the event and, according to said commentators, this display points towards a mid-tier handset being among them. 

According to WPCentral, the display looks as though it’s a piece of a multi-part frame rather than the unibody traditionally favoured in higher-end handsets. Nokia’s existing mid-tier handsets the Lumia 610 and 710 use multi-part frames, whereas the hero Nokia Lumia 900 uses a unibody. 

In addition, there doesn’t seem to be a front-facing camera on the display, only a hole for an ambient light sensor. While video calling is not the be all and end all, a front-facing camera has become something of a mainstay in higher-end devices. 

So Nokia World, could the manufacturer be set to unveil multiple Windows Phone 8 devices across a range of price points?

Do you expect Nokia to roll out Windows Phone 8 devices across multiple tiers from launch? Let us know in the comments below...

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Writing by Danny Brogan.