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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia has released its financial results for Q2, revealing that it sold 4 million Lumia devices and 73 million mobile phones in total during that period. 

Though the number sold of Lumia devices – the Finnish manufacturer’s flagship range – increased on previous quarters, the next three months could see that number fall considerably.   

Despite Nokia investing heavily in the success of Microsoft as an operating system, it was recently revealed that none of the Lumia phones, including the Nokia Lumia 900 would be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8. Indeed, Nokia recently announced that the Lumia 900 would be available for half its original price in the US.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said of the Q2 results: “Nokia is taking action to manage through this transition period. While Q2 was a difficult quarter, Nokia employees are demonstrating their determination to strengthen our competitiveness, improve our operating model and carefully manage our financial resources.”

Elop went on to say he was excited about the prospect of Windows Phone 8, though some commentators are speculating that Nokia will need to strike up partnerships with other mobile platforms if it is to regain ground on the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Could we be seeing a Nokia Android phone in the near future?

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Writing by Danny Brogan.