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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia is to let fans of the new Batman The Dark Knight Rises film explore Gotham City in 3D.

The mobile phone manufacturer has put a video on its official YouTube channel that shows how users will be able to dart around the city as if it was real life.

Nokia is really playing hard on its tie-in with the Dark Knight movie, releasing a number of limited-edition Batman-branded Lumia smartphones and bundling them with a dedicated Dark Knight app.

Although details are thin as to how much access users will have within the map, we can't help think that this is itself a bigger tease to 3D maps from the company for its Windows Phone 8 smartphone expected later in the year. 

If the company can do it for Gotham City, what's stopping Nokia doing it for a number of major cities around the world like New York, London or Paris from your phone. 

3D maps is set to be a big differentiator in the coming months between the mobile phone operating system giants Google, Apple and Microsoft, with all claiming they have the prettiest apps in which to help you find your way around, or merely just enjoy a city from afar.

In the meantime at least fans of the new movie, will be able to see exactly where stuff happens and pretend they've been there themselves. 

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Writing by Stuart Miles.