Hurrah! UK customers can now pre-order the Nokia 808 PureView from Amazon with a shipping date scheduled for the end of June. It’s just a shame it’s even more expensive than in the US. Boo!

Amazon has now set up a pre-order page for the much lauded Nokia 808 PureView handset. The Sim-free mobile will set you back £499.98 and is due to be released on 30 June. 

The US version of the site recently revealed that it would begin selling the handset for $699, which works out at approximately £447. So it would seem we Brits will need to spend an additional £50 to get our hands on it.

The Nokia 808 PureView has racked up its fair share of column inches largely on account of its 41-megapixel camera sensor. Pocket-lint recently tested its photography credentials and even managed to pap Her Majesty the Queen

You can pre-order the Nokia 808 PureView from Amazon by clicking here, but is it worth bucks?

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