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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia has used Microsoft's Windows Phone Summit to reveal a new piece of technology that enables users to grab the best possible photograph by going back and forth in time.

Well we say new, but it's actually very similar to the same camera trickery RIM unveiled at its BlackBerry World event earlier in the year. It's not that surprising really, as Scalado is behind the technology used by both manufacturers. 

Nokia’s Smart Group Shot technology identifies a person’s face in a photo with more than one person in it. Once identified, users can press on one individual’s face and move back and forwards in time until they find the best shot of that person - you know, the pic where your friend is not blinking at the wrong moment...

Nokia recently announced that it was acquiring part of Scalado as it looks to improve imaging performance on its smartphone range.

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Smart Group Shot is the standout feature on the Camera Extras app that will be available to download to Nokia Lumia phones from the Marketplace store from 22 June for China and the US and July for the rest of the world. Other features include action shot mode, panorama controls and a self-timer.

Nokia and Microsoft have been cosying up of late with the launch of the former’s Lumia range and will be relying heavily on the success of Windows Phone 8 to help turn its fortunes around.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.