Nokia has confirmed that it will start to ship its Nokia 808 Pureview 41-megapixel smartphone this month around the world.

The device, first shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, will be available initially in India and Russia before making its way to the UK before the end of June.

The Nokia 808 PureView is the first smartphone to feature Nokia's PureView technology that is has said will make it into the company's Lumia range in the future.

"PureView has completely raised the bar on imaging performance for the whole smartphone industry," said Jo Harlow, Head of Smart Devices at Nokia. "We're going to carry on developing PureView for our future smartphones in ways that will again revolutionize the imaging experience."

The phone, which has been in development for several years, runs on the company's Symbian OS suggesting popularity for the handset might be limited.

In related news, Nokia has confirmed that it will continue to use Carl Zeiss lens for its phones. 

"Carl Zeiss was a crucial partner in the creation of the first PureView experience," said Jo Harlow, executive vice-president of Nokia Smart Devices. "The benefits of our ongoing collaboration will be more PureView innovation and further advancements in smartphone imaging in the coming months and years." 

- Nokia 808 PureView pictures and hands-on