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(Pocket-lint) - Stephen Elop, Nokia's CEO, has said that the company will continue to expand and develop the capabilities of the Windows Phone 7 beyond Microsoft's platform efforts with the mobile OS.

"We are addressing some of the highly requested feature requirements from our customers through accelerated engineering with Microsoft," Elop told those listening to the earnings call after the company announced its results on Thursday.

"Wi-Fi hotspot tethering capabilities; Vcard sending and receiving, which turns out to be the most often requested capability from existing Symbian users; data voice and messaging tracking capability for cost control; panorama image capabilities that stitch together multiple images to create a great photographic experience; and the introduction of a DLNA client for television connectivity."

If some of those sound familiar it's because Nokia has already released dedicated apps either to the Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace or via the company's own beta service such as Nokia Creative Studio and Nokia Play To.

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Elop also used the call to highlight how the "apps problem" is quickly disappearing.

"We are focused with Microsoft on talking to developers. We will soon have more than two-thirds of the top 100 applications from competing ecosystems on the Windows Phone marketplace and that continues to grow."

There are still big noticeable omissions such as Draw Something, Nike, Sky's app collection in the UK, Sonos, and others, but Windows Phone users will agree it is getting better.   

"Today we have more than 80,000 apps across 54 markets and in 23 languages. We expect that number to accelerate with the launch of Windows 8," Elop added. "We will continue to invest in third-party apps."

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Writing by Stuart Miles.