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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia has admitted that there's a fault with the Lumia 900 and has promised a fix on 16 April or thereabouts. The phone - which will be fixed before release in the UK on 27 April - was launched in the US with a massive light show and concert in Times Square last week, but since then the company has been inundated with complaints.

The States-wide release of the handset has a software issue, one that can lead to a loss of data connectivity and prevent new Lumia 900 owners from accessing the internet. It has been identified as a memory management problem, and Nokia is now promising a fix.

In fact, the Finnish company is going one step farther, and also offering users the option to swap their handsets entirely, for ones with the update already applied.

And that's not all. As a gesture of goodwill, Nokia is offering $100 of AT&T credit to everyone who bought a Lumia 900 in the US, or will do so up to 21 April. Wowsers. Can you imagine Apple doing something like that?

Those not wanting to take their devices back to the shops will be able to update them via Zune on or around 16 April. As we said before, this issue shouldn't be present by the time the phone hits the UK.

Is this an amazing move by Nokia? Or is it the least you should expect? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson.