If you’re lucky enough to be a proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 800, we have some good news for you. Your smartphone is about to get even better, thanks to the latest update to be rolled out. And the best news is that your battery life will be improved, which, after reviewing the phone, is somewhat music to our ears. 

Talking of ears, Nokia claims the update will also improve the audio and voice quality because of enhancements to the handset's bass response. Finally, and on a more minor note, Nokia has tweaked the software so that the soft keys will remain illuminated no matter what brightness level you have the Lumia 800 set to. We know; you’re welcome. 

Sadly, one new feature we had hoped to see is still missing. We were hoping for the ability to tether Wi-Fi. However, Nokia did say to Pocket-lint that this omission will be amended: "(Tethering) will be coming soon for both the 800 and 710 via a Zune update, and for the 610 and 900 it will be available at launch." 

The update is available now in the UK and the US – by plugging your Nokia Lumia 800 into your PC or Mac – but other countries will have to wait for further rollouts on the 4, 11 and 18 April.

Have you downloaded the latest Nokia Lumia 800? Let us know what you think...

Nokia Lumia 800 second update rolls out: Battery improvements incoming