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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia has announced a new camera-focused app for Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710 owners that now allows them to take panoramic shots from their cameras without having to pay for a third-party app.

The new app, called Creative Studio, has been designed and developed by Nokia and will allow Lumia users to snap four shots in sequence before giving them the option to edit or send them to friends.

Pocket-lintnokia lumia windows phones get panorama setting image 3

Up until now, although HTC Windows Phone owners have had panorama mode built into the camera for some time, Nokia Windows Phone users have had to use third-party paid for apps such as Pano to create the same effect.

The new app, which works separately to the camera, lets users save the created image and share it via Twitter, Facebook or Flickr.

A quick play in London on our Nokia Lumia 800 and the results are great, with the camera automatically lining up the next shot. All you have to do is move the phone. We did find, however, that doing a vertical panoramic shot - where you take four shots vertically rather than horizontally - is a lot trickier as the app seems to work in connection with the accelerometer to get the best results. 

Pocket-lintnokia lumia windows phones get panorama setting image 2

The app also does several other things allowing you to perform basic image manipulations such as colour correction and cropping, as well as special effects like turning your pictures into line art either at the time or after the fact. 

The app is free and available in the Windows Phone Marketplace now. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.