Nokia has released a video on YouTube teasing the capabilities of its latest phone. And it seems the focus is on taking pictures and capturing video.

Although we already have a good idea of what Nokia is expected to launch at Mobile World Congress next week - the Nokia Lumia 900, Lumia 610 and a couple of Symbian devices for emerging markets - this is the first time the Finnish company has teased about the actual announcements it plans to make.

"Stay tuned for the latest news from Nokia at Mobile World Congress," reads the blurb under the video titled "Get ready to capture a pure view". 

It shows a number of shots of snow with phrases such as "Pure detail", "Pure depth" and "Pure definition" overlaid.

Snow is incredibly hard to catch, so if the shots have been snapped by a camera phone, it's a pretty good achievement as the video shows they look pretty good.

We will find out which device sporting the advertised camera during the company's press conference, on Monday 27 February.

Pocket-lint will be in attendance.