All the clues are pointing towards Nokia giving the Symbian OS one last high-profile outing; with the N8's successor likely to be the much leaked Nokia 803.

We first got wind of the supposed Nokia Belle handset back in December when a user manual turned up and now we've got some extra details to add to the rumour round-up.

BGR is reporting that a "trusted source" has the readies on the new handset and that we could be looking at a smartphone packing "the largest camera sensor" ever.

The Nokia N8, if you remember, wasn't exactly a smash-hit for the Finnish company but its camera skills were, and still are, pretty much unrivalled. It features a 12-megapixel snapper with Carl Zeiss optics and a xenon flash, and is capable of 720p video with continuous AutoFocus at 30fps.

If the Nokia 803 eclipses that, it will be a seriously spec'd camera phone giant.

It's also rumoured to be packing a 4-inch AMOLED display with a HDMI-out port, microSIM support and NFC skills too.

So, quite a swan song for Symbian although come the murmured May release - will anyone really care about ringing the Belle?