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(Pocket-lint) - Limited to only 40 handsets worldwide, we couldn't bear to see the Nokia Lumia 800 Batman Edition slip through our fingers. Released to tie in with the forthcoming The Dark Knight Rises movie, we managed to get number 15 from the exclusive run of Nokia Batman phones.

The Bat phone comes in a custom box, with the glossy Batman logo sitting on the matte background. It's a subtle touch - you'd miss it if you didn't know it was there. The bottom of the box carries the necessary details - DC Comics, Legendary Pictures, Syncopy and Warner Bros Pictures are all in place.

Lift out the Nokia Lumia 800 The Dark Knight Rises edition itself and you'll find it's a subtle touch again. The Batman logo has been laser etched into the polycarbonate body of the Windows Phone 7 handset. 

Pocket-lintnokia lumia 800 batman edition pictures and hands on image 8

It looks fantastic, an indelible mark that shows that this handset is something special, with limitless geek factor when you show it off. 

Within the phone there are a couple of pictures that have been included, although these are basic images so could be put on any Lumia 800 handset. You can read our Nokia Lumia 800 review here to see what we thought of the phone.

The lockscreen shows Bane, played by Tom Hardy in the forthcoming movie, the third and final movie from director Christopher Nolan. Bane recently also featured in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. 

The Dark Knight Rises is the sequel to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and sees Batman villains Selina Kyle and Bane on the big screen and is set 8 years after the last film.

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We can't help feeling there is something symbolic in the pairing of Nokia and The Dark Knight Rises. Both Nokia and Batman have struggled, falling from public favour - but this marks their return. Will Batman/Nokia defeat Bane/Android and Kyle/iOS to bring peace to the world of smartphones? 

Or are we just getting too geeky?

The Dark Knight Rises is due to hit cinemas in Summer 2012, but you can get a Nokia Lumia 800 now. But good luck finding one of these limited editions: you'll have to prise it from our cold dead hands.

Writing by Chris Hall.