Nokia has started shipping its second Windows Phone smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 710, although it is not coming to the UK just yet.

The Nokia Lumia 710 has started shipping in Taiwan of all places with launches in Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, and India to follow shortly.

With an estimated retail price of €270, excluding taxes and subsidies, the phone will be available from operator partners, retailers and open channels depending on the local situation and is Nokia big push into convincing the mass market to sign up to its new handset.

Like the Nokia Lumia 800 it will come with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS and a number of dedicated Nokia apps including Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, and Mix Radio - the company’s Spotify competitor.

As for the first Lumia 710 owner? It seems she is a big Nokia fan.

"I have always had Nokia phones," she said. "I wouldn’t dream of switching  to another brand. I really like the colour of this one," said Ms Kao Nai Xiang.

Meanwhile Nokia has announced that it is holding a press conference in America with T-Mobile on 14 December suggesting that the Nokia Lumia 710 could be heading Stateside shortly. That is unless the much rumoured Nokia Lumia 900 is about to get a pre-Christmas unwrapping?

We will keep you posted. 

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