A leaked Nokia Lumia image has presented itself, with the moniker Nokia 601 emblazoned across its bottom. However we have to say the pic doesn't look terribly convincing, and certain aspects just don't quite fit.

The Nokia 601 shot comes from Pocketnow who suggests that the source is a reliable one. The pic looks remarkably similar to the Nokia Lumia 900 which was outed by Nokia in a developer video, but the result is altogether less polished.

As well as that there seems to be a little bit of a contradiction with the camera spec and the monika of 601: a high-end snapper with a seemingly budget name would be unusual. So far we have the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710 (5-megapixel camera) official, with the Lumia 900 video suggesting Nokia's top-end in the Lumia lineup. If we take the Nokia boss, Paul Amsellem, BMW analogy, this should make the Nokia 601 a budget 1 Series.

Some eagle eyed chaps at the Nokia Blog have also noticed that the camera frontage is very similar to the Symbian C7 handset, which would either suggest the image is photshopped or that it really is a budget handset.

CES 2012 should shed some light on the matter.