Nokia has really been going for it with its advertising and marketing campaigns for the Lumia 800, its first Windows Phone 7 handset. There's going to be a massive live, free deadmau5 gig in London on 28 November, where 3D projections will be beamed onto the 400 foot Millbank Tower.

There were a swathe of teaser adverts prior to Nokia World 2011, which were shown during prime time shows, such as X-Factor and Downton Abbey.

There's the constant follow up adverts that have taken over ITV in the UK, seemingly running in every break possible.

And now there's an online campaign that we thoroughly approve of; a return of one of our favourite mobile games of all time, Snake.

Head over to the Yahoo! UK front page and you'll (currently) see a Nokia Lumia 800 skin and advert, with a Windows Phone 7 tiles version of Snake running on its screen. Click on that ad, and an in-browser version of the game appears across the width of the site, which you can then play. And, better still, instead of blocks of food, like in the original, your ever increasing on-screen snake has to munch on pictures and video content that light up.

It's certainly a clever way of mixing modern online interactivity with a dash of retro fun, and we salute it.

It's also reminded us that, yeah, we may have Angry Birds, Cut The Rope and Contre Jour these days, but when all's said and done, we probably spent more hours on this Earth getting a few pixels to eat another pixel. And may well have enjoyed it more too.

Would Snake rank in your all-time favourite games? Or do you have another retro mobile game you prefer? Let us know in the comments below...