Windows Phone 7 fans waiting to dance to the Tango may not have too long to wait, if clues given by an unknown Nokia device going by the name of the Nokia Champagne are anything to go by.

The Nokia Champagne moniker has popped up in a log from the app "I'm a WP7!" which has previous when it comes to leaking device names.

There are no spec details or leaked pictures to go on at present but WPCentral has stated that the Champagne phone is running Windows Phone OS 7.10.8711, which would make it a Tango phone. Mango is 7.10.7720 and there's reports that anything higher than build 8220 is Tango.

Tango is the next update for Microsoft's mobile OS, following the Mango update which brought us Windows Phone 7.5. Tango isn't a major refresh, rather an incremental one like NoDo was earlier this year. Windows Phone 8 won't arrive until Apollo lands in 2012.

Back to the Nokia Champagne and there's wild guessing aplenty as to what it might be. Could it be the Ace? Or how about a Lumia 900? Or maybe a device we haven't even heard wind of yet?

Who knows? But hopefully, for Nokia's sake, somebody cares....