Back in October at the Nokia World expo, the Finnish phone giant demoed a new technology showing how the phones and tablets of the future could be bendy.

Called the Nokia Kinetic Device, the working prototype allowed users to control music and media by using different motions; bending forward with two hands zooms out of whatever is on screen for example, while twisting the top left hand corner away moved to the next menu item.

The Nokia HumanForm, which is another future tech idea from the Nokia Research Center, takes these ideas and runs with them in a number of directions never envisaged before.

There's no working prototype as of yet, the photos that we grabbed at Nokia World were of a mockup, but the objective of the project is to create a new type of mobile phone experience: a device that does away with a single dedicated screen and physical buttons and replaces these with an ubiquitous, everywhere, display and controls via taps, bends and gestures.

The phone will also be made to "fit" each of its users thanks to its jelly-type form.

Nokia describes it as: "A visionary solution beyond touchscreen and voice communication where technology becomes invisible and intuition takes over."

Mind-bending stuff. Well, ear-bending, at least.