UPDATE: Nokia: Lumia 800 will be available SIM free on 16 November - Nokia is saying that it will be available, just not from all retailers on day one. Looks like Clove got left out of that list. 

Word has filtered through the web that Nokia will be holding back the SIM-free version of its Nokia Lumia smartphone until January 2012.

The reports, from online retailer Clove, come at a time when Nokia should be all systems go with its new headline phone, especially since it's pinning a lot of its future success on the handset; it doesn't need any bad press related to launch - especially delays.

However the handset itself will still be coming on 16 November it's just you'll have to sign up with one of the many mobile carriers that will be offering the phone on contract.

So what's caused Nokia to take this action? Well, the most likely scenario is that the Nokia Lumia 800 has actually surpassed Nokia's expectations for pre-order and so it's had to re-manage some of its stock to mobile carriers - leaving very little in the way of SIM-free handsets.

So, in a way, this could be construed as a bit of good news for Nokia, and although it means SIM-free Nokia fans will have to wait a couple more months it certainly isn't a disaster.