During the Nokia World "building the new ecosystem" session over at London's Excel, SVP of Developer and Marketplace at Nokia, Marco Argenti, announced that 25,000 Nokia Lumia 800 devices would be made available to developers before the end of the year.

The big number reaffirms Nokia's commitment to getting Windows Phone 7 right, and also gives weight to CEO Stephen Elop's claim from the opening keynote that the company sees the device as "the first real Windows Phone".

It's clear that Nokia views that platform as not only a way of getting its status back as a major player in the smartphone arena, but that it also wants to put its own Nokia-shaped stamp onto Microsoft's mobile OS.

Speaking on Twitter on Wednesday, the New York based Nokia SVP said:

"Nokia Lumia 800 is a beautiful thing. Developers will be inspired to create beautiful apps; the opportunity is here, now."

And it looks as if he meant literally. The 25,000 handset offer has been welcomed with praise amongst developers on the micro-blogging service.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is the company's flagship WP7.5 device and was announced alongside the Lumia 710 at the big expo on Wednesday. It has been met with praise from the tech industry for its fantastic looks, although there are doubts as to whether the phone is cutting-edge enough to worry the Apple and Android heavyweights.

What do you guys think - can the Lumia 800 get Nokia back on track? Or should the company have taken the Android path? Let us know using the comments below.