The much rumoured, and much leaked first Nokia Mango handset will hit the shops as the Nokia Lumia 800 - according to some EXIF data obtained by The Nokia Blog. The Lumia name has also been verified by a Pocket-lint source.

Let's face it, Nokia Sea Ray is a stupid name. And, although we always suspected it was only a codename for the Finnish company's first foray into the crazy world of Windows Phone 7, there were murmurs that the Sea Ray moniker may have been making its way to the real world.

But the Lumia tag, which was attached to a couple of snaps that were uploaded from a device labelled as a Windows Phone 7.5 one, looks to be the clear favourite now thankfully.

And, according to The Next Web, the Lumia 800 could be just one of two devices that Nokia unveils at its World event over the next couple of days.

Its report suggests that two handsets are likely to be announced due to details given in the Nokia World schedule. It has two workshops planned under the banner "Get to know the latest mobile products". Hmmmm.

The other device is likely to be the one codenamed the Sabre. A smaller phone than the Lumia 800.

Pocket-lint will, of course, be reporting live from the event at London's Excel on 26-27 October. Let's just hope those rumours of launch delays until 2012 are not true.