Nokia has posted a YouTube video that highlights some of the gaming possibilities that Near Field Communication (NFC) can bring to a Nokia handset, or any mobile for that matter.

Shot at the Nokia offices in Palo Alto, California - see Nokia is cool too - the NFC technology is shown being used in a number of card games for both children and adults.

The games themselves don't look very exciting at all, it has too said, involving touching the phones onto a group of cards to either match them or make different words - yawn. We can't see children or adults being particularly riveted by this specific implementation of the technology - it doesn't bring anything new, apart from placing a rather clumsy layer of NFC over the top

However, on a more positive note, what is exciting is the idea that NFC could be used in the gaming area at all - so hats of to Nokia for starting the ball rolling.

How can we make NFC gaming more exciting? Let us know in the comments...