Who said that NFC was all about payments? Not Nokia it seems. It has just announced the launch of a new Bluetooth headset that comes with NFC-enabled pairing to make things a whole lot easier.

The brightly coloured Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset is a "uniquely designed in-ear device" with NFC pairing capabilities says Nokia.

Available in a range of colours, the dinky lightweight headset weights just 5g, and the holder just 18g, features a pop-out earpiece for up to 8 hours of extended talk time and easy charging with any Nokia Micro-USB phone charger.

Users will be able to charge the headset in less than 1 hour and the holder 1hr 30 mins for a talk time of up to 8 hours (up to 2 hours in the headset, and a further 6 hours in the holder). It will have a standby time of up to 35 hours or 60 days in the holder.

You all have to do to answer calls is simply pop out the earpiece, and end calls by placing the earpiece back in its cradle.

The Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset, which will work with any NFC-enabled device rather than just a Nokia one, will cost 69 euros when it goes on sale in the coming weeks.